Year: 2018

Dental Implants Treatment And Healing Process

Have you or anyone in your life recently suffered tooth loss? Whichever the reason for the loss, adults only have one set of teeth so it is highly unlikely that another tooth will grow to replace the one that was lost. Don’t panic though because modern medicine has the perfect replacement tooth that looks and feels exactly like the real thing. Dental implants are artificial tooth anchors that the dentist will place in the jawbone to hold in place manmade dentures that can replace the look and functionality of an organic human tooth.

What are dental implants made of?

Most artificial tooth roots are made of titanium alloys and are thus not only extremely strong but also they have almost the same density as that of a human bone and distribute stress and strain much the same way. This means the material is easily assimilated in the bone and tissue around it without causing imbalanced bites. Also the specific alloy that is used is never rejected by the human body as a pathogen and thus does not cause cancers and other adverse effects of inserting inorganic material in the body. Additionally, dental implants will not decay unlike natural teeth. When cleaned and retouched by a professional after lengthy periods of time, they actually last a lifetime.

Why do I need dental implants?

These are ideal for anyone with a tooth loss problem not only because of their natural look and feel that will restore a perfect smile but also to mitigate the adverse effects of tooth loss like imbalanced bite and wearing and shifting of adjacent teeth. When your procedure is done by Willow Springs Dental, dental implants will work better than a natural tooth giving you the ability to chew on all of your favorite foods minus the sensitivity and chipping problems.

Getting dental implants

cbct scanIt all begins with a visit to the dentist at your favorite family dental office. The doctor will then ask you some leading questions to determine your medical history before deciding on an appropriate treatment plan for you. Usually, there are several alternatives for tooth replacement but dental implants are the most durable. Your doctor will then recommend a treatment plan and inform you of the number of appointments and the dates when you are required to visit for your treatment plan to work.

First a root will be placed in your jaw. This involves drilling into the jaw and then skillfully placing a screw that will hold the denture in place. This sounds scary and it is but other than that there is no pain involved and if you have a confident doctor handling your smile then you shouldn’t have problems. A cover will be placed over the gum to begin the healing process where the implant is expected to be accepted into your body and proper healing is complete at about 3 to 6 months.

How Does the Implant Procedure Work?

The length of the treatment process and the number of appointments needed varies from patient to patient. Prior to treatment, any oral health issues, such as bone loss and periodontitis, must first be addressed before considering the implantation process. The best solution is to visit Once your dental professional decides your oral health is up to par for the implant procedure, your tailored treatment plan can begin.

During the first procedure, the titanium implant or implants will be placed. To do so, pilot holes are first skillfully drilled into the jawbone. Then the holes are slowly widened to provide enough space for the insertion of the implant screw. Then, the gum tissue surrounding the implant is secured overtop of it and a cover screw is placed over the gum to begin the healing and osseointegration process. This typically takes 3-6 months to heal.

Next an abutment is placed to hold down the replacement tooth. In some instances, this can be placed during your first procedure. A temporary crown will be placed modeled after your original tooth to allow the gum to grow around it. Finally, the permanent crown is inserted and held in place by the anchor.

The healing process after dental implant procedures

The healing process after the first procedure called the osseointegration process is the most critical period. During this period, oral hygiene must be maintained above par to ensure proper fusing and prevent infection. It’s a long period to wait for the jawbone to embrace the added piece while abstaining from hard foods in the affected region but it is worth seeing as the dentures, once in place can be used for several decades without need for attention.
In total, it will take roughly six months or more to finish the entire process since there is an extra two months for placement of the temporary and permanent crowns.

Are dental implants for me?

As w every other medically necessary procedure, it is up to your doctor to do a thorough physical exam and determine from their training and experience the best course of action. If we told you whether or not you needed a dental implant without a physical exam, it would be mere speculation that could lead to liability. The best advice is to always consult with a certified physician and ask lots of question so that you understand all of the treatment options available to you. That said, if it’s just a chipped tooth, probably not and if your tooth is decayed or broken, and then there are always several options to choose from. Dental implants are perhaps best suited for those looking for a more permanent fix for a lost tooth.

Where to get affordable dental implants

Dental implant procedures can run quite expensive, not to mention most health insurance covers do not include dental implants. Others pay only part of the cost and you have to foot the rest of the bill yourself. There is no need to stress the importance of being vigilant when sourcing health care. Cheap could be expensive, only seek medical help from trusted and certified Las Vegas dentist operating legally in your locality. It is not uncommon for people to fly out of the country just to get cheap unorthodox dental implants and end up saving nothing when complications arise. Choose safe dental implants near you options carefully today and join thousands of people who can smile at last thanks to science and innovation. Your smile equals your happiness, don’t bankrupt yourself for it but also don’t put a price tag on it; it’s worth so much more.…

Cosmetic Dentistry – A New Way to Enhance Your Personality

To make your smile beautiful, the cosmetic dentistry plays a very vital role. Nowadays everyone is well aware of the smart dental treatments which can put a happy smile on your face. There are many procedures which are involved in the cosmetic dentistry, and you can go through the article for more related information. This treatment can help you to overcome your stains, teeth gaps, cracks, chips, and many more.

If you want to enhance your personality, then your complete body posture remains on your face, and your smile helps you to gain attention from many people. The cosmetic dentistry will help you to look younger. Due to the ageing, discolouration and erosion of the teeth are very common. To fix these common issues, you can undergo the dental treatment.

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Longevity of your teeth

It will help the patients to experience their original teeth for many long years. The cosmetic dentistry has many benefits, and it will help you to improve your smile, and you will look beautiful. This procedure involves the removal of all flaws of your smile and can simply give confidence which can’t be done from anywhere else. Whatever your wish, you can eat according to your favourite cuisine for a lifetime.

Prevents dental damage

The cosmetic dentistry helps the patients to improve their appearances. The process helps the patients to go through some fixation of the hairline fractures, or some minor wear and tear on the edge of your mouth. Till future, the patients will not face any dental damage. You don’t have to pay a daily visit to your dentist.

It will improve your career

The people are very afraid of getting into the platform because of their smile. The days are gone, where the people who were facing the dental problems were neglecting the treatment and just because of their smile, they couldn’t take part in any of the social activities. This dental treatment will help you to come up with a broad smile which can give you confidence. With a beautiful smile, you can conquer the whole world with much ease.

Boost yourself with confidence

A broken tooth or the discolouration of the teeth can demotivate you, and you can’t face many people. You will neglect the conversation with your friends and colleagues. The dental implants can help you to stay active so that you can be connected with your fellow friends and families. With a wide smile, you will gain confidence, and you can face the world easily.

Improves dental health

Once you have invested in the cosmetic dentistry, you will be in love with your broad and beautiful smile. This dental treatment will help you to encourage yourself to keep your teeth hygiene. You can eat whatever you want without the fear of teeth damage. Once you are done with your treatment, it will help you to quit your smoking activities, and you can lead a healthy life ahead.